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Eco Animal Bedding
cardboard bale

Critter Chips

Available in 10kg, 20kg Bags and by the pallet load.

The corrugation in the cardboard is ideal for small pet bedding and being virually dust free provides for a healthier bedding. When pet health is a concern, or if you require a hygenic bedding for post pet surgery, Eco Animal Bedding is the best animal bedding available.

Comfort and Warmth

The corrugation provides a soft, cushioning for the animals to play or sleep on. Aside from providing extra comfort, the thermal insulation qualities of the cardboard also provide added warmth. This provides your pets with a warm and comfortable home, which can only make them happy.

Easy to Use

Simply shake out into the bottom of the animals' enclosure to form a well covered base. Eco Animal Bedding is easy to spot clean, minimising the need to constantly change bedding. Regularly remove wet and soiled chips, turn over existing bedding to aerate, then top up with fresh product. A little goes a long way.

Suitable for:

  • domestic small pets
  • pet shop stock-on-hand
  • guinea pigs and hamsters
  • rats and mice
  • rabbits
  • ferrets
  • birds and nesting boxes
  • parrots
  • lizards and other reptiles

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