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Eco Animal Bedding is the healthier animal bedding alternative to old-fashioned materials, such as wood shavings, straw and sawdust pellets, which break down into dust with use. Being dust-free, Eco Animal Bedding is used and recommended by leading veterinarians as the preferred animal bedding for helping to treat, and for the prevention of respiratory illness in animals. Also, Eco Animal Bedding is highly absorbent, retaining up to 3 times it's weight in fluids, making for a drier, cleaner and more comfortable bedding.

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100% DUST-FREE animal bedding for all animals

The superior cushioning of the corrugation forms a soft, springy bed that provides warmth and adds comfort and support.

  • 100% dust-free animal bedding
  • absolutely clean and safe for all animals
  • virtually odour-free bedding
  • ideal for post surgery conditions
  • used & recommended by leading veterinarians
The Healthier Bedding for Horses

“Eco Animal Bedding is the best equine bedding”, as descibed by leading Veterinarian & Specialist in Equine Medicine, Kate Savage (PhD). Read the testimonial.

Being dust-free, it eliminates any risk of developing respiratory problems due to the bedding. Also, it's the ideal bedding after surgery.

We use top-grade, 100% recycled cardboard which is ink-free - no allergens.

Our bedding provides excellent support under the hoof, providing for sound orthopaedic conditions.

Read more about Eco Animal Bedding and it's superior horse bedding qualities.

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Eco Animal Bedding is 100% recycled, high quality corrugated cardboard and paper that has been processed into cardboard chips or paper strips. Eco Animal Bedding is eco-friendly and completely biodegradable.

Use the Product Chooser to find the product for your animal. For larger areas, use the Usage Calculator to determine how much Eco Animal Bedding you will need.

MORE INFORMATION! Read our testimonials and learn more about Eco Animal Bedding and the benefits it has when compared to other animal bedding. Click Here

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